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So glad I found this!!

I showed this course to my daughter who was really struggling to understand her Science GCSE and now she knows exactly what to do and how to study for her exams. I’ve never seen her so confident

Samantha Jones

Great help for my son

Jack has always struggled with his education and it seemed like different tutors didn’t work. Then we came across this course on Hubspace Learning. It allowed him to understand more about how he learns and gather the tools he needed to actually go on and get a 9 in his Physics exam

Marcie Kylamanzo

What you will learn in this course

Lesson 1

Understanding how you best learn

Every student learns differently and, in order to retain the most amount of information for your exams, you need to know how you best learn

Lesson 2

Picking the right revision technique

Once you know how your mind is wired, you can pick the revision technique that suits your learning style. 

Lesson 3

Developing a revision plan

Now you know how you best learn and have the right revision technique to suit your learning style. All that’s left is producing a revision plan that’ll ensure you get the grade

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